Tim Wiggins - A Cycling Q & A

23rd February 2015

On Thursday 19th February we enjoyed spending an evening with top cyclist Tim Wiggins, as he took over our Twitter account to answer people's questions about endurance cycling. This was extremely popular and Tim was asked over 25 questions within just an hour. You can read some of the most popular questions below.

@Roballan07: So Tim, what is your choice of fuel for long endurance rides? I am partial to sausage rolls grin

TW - hi Rob, love a good sausage roll. Jelly babies, beans on toast and porridge also featured in the Trafalgar Way ride though grin

@TimmyReid: which hour of the 24hr race is the hardest from a mental perspective?

TW - Hi Tim, for me, it is somewhere around hour 17-18. That’s when your beginning to feel tired, but before the adrenaline kicks in.

@FalmouthTownUK: Hi Tim what is the most challenging road on the whole route? #TwitterTakeover

TW - Cornwall & Dartmoor are a brutal start, but probably also the most scenic of the route. A real beauty and the beast section

@Jonhinio: Hi Tim, what do you recommend are key sessions for time crunched cyclists. Can’t always get out for a long ride being a Dad

TW - Hills! If there is one thing that is guaranteed to make you stronger, it’s riding more hills. Do a short, fast hilly route grin

TW - if you’re really masochist go for some hill reps wink I’ve got a great climb near me - beach to radar station with 250m elevation

@Jonhinio: how many do you do there?

TW - not many…. It finishes in a 25% kick. But I’m planning on doing an Everest on that climb later this year. x36 reps

@Andytomlinson Hi Tim, what kind of weekly mileage were you doing in the build up to RTTW?

TW - I’m a bit of a mileage enthusiast Andy. I reckon with commuting, it was between 400-550km a week on average.

TW - it’s about quality as much as quantity tbh Andy. I could get away with doing less, but I eat too much cake.

@TriedOnline which cycling computer do you use for long endurance rides?

TW - I’d recommend the @GarminUK 810 or Touring, you can plug a cable in the back and charge on the bike if needs be smile

@JudithBrand how do you plan your nutrition? #TwitterTakeover

TW - Hi Judith, I had three main meal stops on the Trafalgar ride. Lunch, dinner and a midnight bowl of porridge. 1/2

TW - 2/2 then I just kept eating steadily on a variety of foods, it’s all about a mixture and not running your stores down grin

@KatarinaTanti i love going up hills but terrified of descents…. Any tips?? Besides closing my eyes?? #cycling #uktrichat

TW - damn! Don’t close your eyes Katerina! Just practice, practice, practice. Try to stay relaxed and .... 1/2

TW - 2/2 don’t make sudden movements. Brake gradually, and never brake when you’re turning grin

@DanStendall Best road bike for an AG’er?? Mrs Stendall is allowing me to have a new stead!!

TW - lucky man Dan! I’m riding a @FeltBicycles AR (Aero Road) this year, I haven’t collected it yet, but it looks stunning and AERO!

My trusty S22 got me to Edmonton! Love the New Felt AR! “Darling, let’s go shopping to..”

TW - send me a picture when you get one! It’s a beautiful bike.

@_chloe_mw: what did you eat after cycling 312 miles in 24 hours last year? #allaboutthefood #TwitterTakeover

TW - It is indeed Chloe! I had a full English, a coffee the size of a pint glass, and a large piece of cake

@73Mr_b: Hi Tim please can your share more about your bike set up for your epic ride last October?

TW - Yes indeed! I used my @FeltBicycles F1, with a shorter @fizikofficial stem than usual, and Di2 electronic gearing

@73Mr_B: did u use a short stem coz u were riding long distance or it’s what u usually ride?

TW - short stem to give more upright position for endurance, less stretched out than racing pos

@Andytomlinson: will you train on the Felt mostly or do you have a different bike for training?

TW - I do all of my mid week riding on a Reynolds tubed Peugeot touring bike. It weights a ton (16kgs)

@NickiAitken: riding TDF this year, all 21 stages! Any tips on nutrition etc.. To be honest, any tips welcome! #TwitterTakeover

TW - that’s impressive Nicki! V. impressive! My best nutrition tip is recover right by eating enough protein: repair those muscles!

@NickiAitken: thank you! Any training tips? In the mountains for 2 weeks in May (Italy) as prep…time on saddle or anything specific?

TW - I love Italy, I’d do lots of mountain climbs, the long periods at threshold effort will help improve your fitness significantly

@NickiAitken: awesome thank you! Can’t wait to ride, a dream come true. Appreciate your advice & support

@readgruppetto: How many spare tubes do you carry on epic rides?

TW - two in my saddlebag, with spare instant patches as well. They fit comfortably in a @sciconbags Compact grin

@readgruppetto: I love to eat pork scratchings when doing a century ride for fat and salt. Good or bad???

TW - I’d go for salted peanuts instead, then you get the benefit of the protein grin

@RichardGatesTM: Hi @timwiggins1 advice for starting out, going to do one of the stages once fit enough!

TW - work on the hills Richard, there are plenty of them in the first stages of the route!

@DrJBikeFit: with all the hours in the saddle you do, have you had a bike fit?

TW - I haven’t actually, I’ve just experiment a lot with my position over time. I soon realise if something isn’t quite right.

@73Mr_B: what gear ratio step up did you ride #TrafalgarWay on?

TW - 11-28 on the back, and a 53/39 chain set. I’d use a 52/36 chain set if I did it again I think.

@readgruppetto: How do you stay focussed on a 300 mile ride and not veer into traffic?

TW - it’s amazing how your focus increases when it gets dark. A whole new set of senses kicks in. That, and a lot of caffeine.

@readgruppetto: In cafe format or within gels?

TW - a bit of both, a few welcomed coffees in the early hours worked a treat.

@HollieCradduck: what lighting would you use when doing a 24hr race?

TW - I’d go for something with at least 600 lumens, which will last for a good few hours on that power. @LezyneUK are good. grin

@muddyfunkster75: I have trouble getting a comfortable saddle. I’ve been measured. Still a problem on long rides.. Any tips?

TW - try a saddle with a cut out section, it can help to relieve the pressure in that sensitive area.

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