Buy a Gift

Why not buy a gift for a family member, friend or cyclist. All we ask is that they are a keen and able cyclist and enjoy a challenge - there could be a lot of hill climbing and fast descents. Please ensure you select the right ride and location for your gift. 2018 ride dates are 14/15th July.

We have several rides to choose from:

Our 100 Series (Britannia, Conqueror or Victory) rides are A-B routes, which means that they start in one location and continue along a linear route and finish in another location.

Our Circular Series rides start and finish in Salisbury. As the name suggests, they are a continuous route.

How to purchase your gift?

You can visit our website to to read about our rides - you can select the ‘Buy a Gift’ button or click the link in step 1.

  1. Click here to visit our shop and make your gift selection - Scroll down to ‘Buy a Gift’ section
  2. Select your ‘Buy a Gift - Ride Name’ you want to gift. We will ask you to complete a few personal details relating to you, who the present is for and payment details
  3. Please accept the terms and conditions of entry prior to purchase
  4. We will direct you to our Payment screen
  5. You will receive a confirmation email confirming your purchase - please keep a copy of this for proof of purchase
  6. We will contact you by email with a gift code valid until 01/06/2018
  7. Your gift code will only be applicable for the ride that you have selected (i.e. one use only)

When your recipient rider is ready to enter our event

  1. Direct them to our website (
  2. Select the relevant ride from the Events page which has been purchased for you - 100 Series or Circular Series ( Do not select the ‘Buy a Gift’ option). This will direct your rider to our Registration - Select Category screen
  3. Use the 100% discount gift code at Checkout
  4. Your rider will receive a confirmation email of the registration and we will communicate with them direct with any information thereafter

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