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Ride the Trafalgar Way is a ride like no other and is steeped in history.

The fourth edition of our audax ride will take place over the weekend 24th - 25th June 2023. Entries are now open.

To go to the Audax UK entry page for the 2023 Ride the Trafalgar Way audax, click here.

#TheWay2023 #RTTWno8 will be taking place to commemorate the 218th anniversary of a 271 mile journey taken by Lt John Richards Lapenotiere, post chaise, from Falmouth to the Admiralty, London. His journey took 37 hours, you'll have 40 hours to complete the 600Km / 372.8 Mile ride from Falmouth to the Admiralty, London.

We are working towards our next event - come back soon!

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