Tony Wilkes

Audax ‘21
Tony Wilkes

what was your reason for wanting to ride the Trafalgar Way?

I wanted to challenge myself to a 24 hour ride. Just to see how far I could go in that time. Originally motivated by a friend. And… what a great route. I also rode to support Macmillan Cancer – making it even more important.

How would you sum up your ride of the Trafalgar Way to a friend?

A physical and mental challenge which will reward you with a massive sense of achievement.

What was your most memorable part of the ride?

The stunning views across the Devon countryside.

What are your top 3 tips for anyone thinking of riding the Trafalgar Way?

1. Practice riding your bike with all the kit you intent to take. It will feel different.

2. Keep eating and drinking. Even if it’s a small amount every 20 minutes.

3. Pace yourself. Enjoy it. Try to take in all the fantastic scenery. That’s what you will remember :o)

What are your top bits of equipment or kit you wouldn’t want to ride the Trafalgar Way without?

1.Top tube bag (for all the jelly beans, battery pack, phone and brevit card.

2.Saddle pack or frame bag for a gillet, rain jacket and spare micro fleece

What bike (make and model) and chainset / cassette set up did you ride the Trafalgar Way with (if available)?

I rode a Specialized Tarmac, with Apidura top tube bag and saddle pack. I used a 52/36 11/30 ultegra set up. I would however switch the 36 for a 34 or change to an 11/32 cassette next time. Alot of the guys used aero bars to take excess weight off the shoulders. This is something I will look into. It’s nice to be able to change position.

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