Rob Webster

Age: 31  |  Occupation: Senior Aerodrome Fire Officer

Britannia '16 Colossus '15
Rob Webster

What was your reason for wanting to ride the Trafalgar Way?

Wanted an event to challenge me in 2015

How would you sum up your ride of the Trafalgar Way to a friend?

A fantastic event, that isn’t easy, but will give you plenty to talk about afterwards

What was your most memorable part of the ride?

The very begin was memorable, as I though ‘that’s it, next stop London’. Also, some of the hills were very memorable

What are your top 3 tips for anyone thinking of riding the Trafalgar Way

1) Invest in a new good pair of tyres for the event, it paid off for Dan and I, as neither of us punctured. 2) Do some long training rides. Knowledge is power, and knowing you can do 200miles is helpful. 3) If you can do it with someone, do it. It’s nice to share the experience.

What are your top bits of equipment or kit you wouldn’t want to ride the Trafalgar Way without?

I carried, Spare Tube, Multi Tool, Patches, Tyre Levers, Pump, Phone, Cash, Credit Card, Small External Battery, Micro USB Cable, Gels and bars

What bike (make and model) and chainset / cassette set up did you ride the Trafalgar Way with (if available)?

Storck Aernario Platinum - 50/34 11-25

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