Neil Coggins

Audax ‘19
Neil Coggins

What was your reason for wanting to ride the Trafalgar Way?

In 2017 I had run the Cotswold way (102 miles), in 2018 I swam lake Windermere (11 miles), so I wanted to complete my ultra trilogy of travelling as far as I could in England in a day by cycling the Trafalgar way (312 miles)

How would you sum up your ride of the Trafalgar Way to a friend?

Relentless but fulfilling, a challenge vertically as well as horizontally

What was your most memorable part of the ride?

As dusk was arriving, I looked over to the right hand side and saw the breathtaking view of the Jurassic coast which we cycled parallel to for which seemed like hours

What are your top 3 tips for anyone thinking of riding the Trafalgar Way?

Do the training (get the miles in your legs), regular stretching not just your legs upper body too, use a turbo trainer for the wet days

What are your top bits of equipment or kit you wouldn’t want to ride the Trafalgar Way without?

Alan and his Garmin, support crew Pete (+ van) and Belinda, chamois cream!

What bike (make and model) and chainset / cassette set up did you ride the Trafalgar Way with (if available)?

Specialised Diverge E5 Comp 2018 Shimano 105, 11-speed, 11-32

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