Dai Harris

Audax ‘21
Dai Harris

What was your reason for wanting to ride the Trafalgar Way?

I needed another big challenge and the chance to ride through Cornwall, Devon and Dorset was a good incentive

How would you sum up your ride of the Trafalgar Way to a friend?

A scenic but challenging route on mainly quiet roads

What was your most memorable part of the ride?

Seeing old cycling friends at the Dorset control

What are your top 3 tips for anyone thinking of riding the Trafalgar Way?

1. Carry some food as parts of the route is very quiet, especially at night

2. Make sure your bike is in good order and

3. Make sure you have a good level of fitness.

What are your top bits of equipment or kit you wouldn’t want to ride the Trafalgar Way without?

Good lights and having some sort of electronic navigation helps and a change of cycling clothes.

What bike (make and model) and chainset / cassette set up did you ride the Trafalgar Way with (if available)?

I rode a 1970`s claud butler- Electron, fitted with a 65” fixed gear, dynohub, with a schmidt edelux 1 headlamp

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