Christopher Evans

Audax ‘19
Christopher Evans

What was your reason for wanting to ride the Trafalgar Way?

To test myself physically and mentally to new levels and raise awareness and funds for a children’s cancer charity called Cyclists Fighting Cancer.

How would you sum up your ride of the Trafalgar Way to a friend?

An adventure of epic proportion and truly rewarding but requires enduring fatigue like never before!

What was your most memorable part of the ride?

The views of chesil beach and sunrise

What are your top 3 tips for anyone thinking of riding the Trafalgar Way?

1. Make your stops efficient and effective (only stop if you have to!)

2. Pack aerodynamically - every little efficiency save helps

3. Read articles and tips from experienced endurance cyclists on ride strategies and advice etc

What are your top bits of equipment or kit you wouldn’t want to ride the Trafalgar Way without?

Heart rate monitor
Good quality bib shorts with side pockets (Rapha adventure one’s have a very good bib material)
Apidura top tube food pack

What bike (make and model) and chainset / cassette set up did you ride the Trafalgar Way with (if available)?

Kinesis gran fondo Titanium, Roval CLX 40 wheelset, Shimano Ultegra 50-34 (32 cassette)

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